Linux And Other Cool Things

Life is a long journey of learning and experience, once you stop learning you die!, also sharing is caring. That’s why I am sharing this thing :D

Cool Things

Cool Things is a long journey of adventure, fun and experience about silly technical things I didn’t know it existed and made my life easier (or not, but cool for sure). For now, I don’t know how to categorize them but I will try my best not to make things messy as possible.

Why it's like that ?
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I am using all these tools in Linux (Arch BTW) but it should work on other OSs. You should use linux, if you don’t, for making the best of your hardware and have the power to do anything you want. Here you will find tips, tricks, shortcuts, apps and utils making my OS experience fun and effective.

Credits : github/thomas10-10

I am using linux as my main machine for work and fun, while I also have windows installed but I use it rarly for gaming. For that, I tried many linux flavours (DE - Desktop Environment) but most of them didn’t meet my own requirements so I learnt about WMs - Windwo Managers

So what’s the WM I use ? : bspwm If you want to read more about how to choose your next WM, I recommend you to read this Unixporn wiki

My Bspwm Setup
You can find my setup on my github.
  • File manager (python): ranger
  • Another File manger (C): Vifm
  • Task Management and Todos: dooit
  • Code Snippets in terminal: nap
  • Telegram CLI (huh): tg
  • Terminal multiplexer. It lets you switch easily between several programs in one terminal: tmux
  • Video Downloader: yt-dlp
  • Soundcloud Downloader: soundcloud-dl
  • Disk Usage Analyzer (C): ncdu
  • Another Disk Analyzer (Go): gud
  • Process Viewer: htop
  • Another Process Viewer and Resoure monitor : btop
  • Anime Cli: ani-cli
  • Send requests from terminal : HTTPie
  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge): adb
  • A key remapping daemon: keyd
Hacker Alert!!!
I am not responsible for what you do with these tools, use them at your own risk!

All the interesting resources (about tech obviously) I find in the internet.


Videos (probably most of these videos are from the above channels lol)

Showing the practical things I have learnt in a specific technology, again IDK how to categorize. So I will just put things based on the technology.

  1. Vim navigations inside command mode #1:
  • q: Opens up a vim buffer at the bottom of the current screen, allowing you to enter commands and navigate just like vi.
  1. Vim navigations inside command mode #2:
  • Opening the command mode, and pressing C-f opens a buffer at the bottom of the screen just like #1.
  1. Capitalize/Lowercase characters:
  • gU, gu You can combine them with other shortcuts, example you want to make the text inside <> uppercase!:
    • <hello, world> -> gUi< -> <HELLO, WORLD>
  1. Extracting archives inside ranger: 1l