How to update discord on archlinux ?

I hate discord updates!, they do lots of updates which prevents discord desktop from launching. Bad for me that I use Archlinux, as discord ships thier updates as .deb.

When discord needs to be updated

So how to manually update discord without waiting for the package maintainer to update it for you ?

This method allows you to trick the Discord into thinking it’s been updated. First, check for the path of the discord executable

file $(which discord) 

Then edit the resources/build_info.json in that path.

    "releaseChannel": "stable",
    "version": "0.0.xx" // change to the latest version

This method involves using the Arch Build System

  1. Download the asp through yay : yay -S asp
  2. Export the PKGBUILD file from discord : asp export discord
  3. Edit the pkgver=0.0.xx in the PKGBUILD with the current version.
  4. Build discord : makepkg -si