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Setup old android tablet for development

Getting StartedBefore Starting, it’s a good idea to install a Custom ROM for your old device just to get the best out of it. Head to XDA and search for your device. But why you might ask ? The installed custom ROM would bring you newer Android version + new kernel version. (not always) Root access (more control in general). In my case, I am using SM-T585 which came with Android 8.

How to download files and directories from github

Using the github website Probably this is the easiest way to download files from github, by navigating to the file on github and click on the download button. Unfortenitaly, it’s not the fastest, you will have to move the file to the desired destination and doesn’t work for raw files like (txt and .ext). Using wget/curlNow we talk :D, here’s a bash function (add to your alias section) I wrote to automate the download process by using the URL which contains blob keyword.